Squid Pepper Fry

Squid/ Calamari pepper fry is a simple yet delicious appetizer that can be prepared in just about 30 minutes. Squid, freshly ground spices and ghee come together to make this dish lip smacking and spicy. However, if you cannot freshly grind spices, you can always use the already powdered ones which gives almost the same…

Shrimp Ghee Roast

Are you a seafood lover like me? If you are, then I recommend that you try this recipe. Shrimp ghee roast is a personal favourite and it just tastes heavenly. I mean I could just keep eating this and not realise how much I have eaten! 😛 Shrimps or Prawns take less time to cook, and hence this delicious appetizer can be done in less than 30 minutes. Also it requires only basic ingredients that we all usually have in our kitchen. Continue reading if you want to know step by step procedure of preparing this yummy appetizer.