Panner Butter Masala

Paneer butter masala is a crowd favorite. It’s an Indian curry that is commonly prepared at home and is also popular in restaurants. As the name itself suggests, this curry is made from paneer and contains quite a lot of butter. This is not a typical spicy Indian curry at all, it falls slightly on…

Chicken Curry

Who doesn’t love chicken curry? I say, No one! 😛
If you love Indian cuisine you must try this delicious Chicken curry. It’s simple, easy-to-make, flavorsome and definitely tastes as good as what you would get at an Indian Restaurant. It goes well with Malabar paratha and chapati but, you can also eat with rice.

Chole Masala

Channa Masala is a mild-spicy, delicious side dish from the north of India. It’s a crowd favorite and tastes best when eaten along with chapatis/pooris.

Black Chana Masala

Black Chana Masala/ Kadalekaalu saaru is a traditional and delicious dish from Karnataka made from black chickpeas. It’s a spicy, healthy, flavourful dish that goes perfectly with steamed rice or roti. Adding a small potato(and/or brinjal), enhances the flavour and tastes even better the next day. Include a tbsp of ghee to make it yummier….