Methi Mattar Pulao using Little Millet

Super delicious, healthy one-pot meal using little millet, methi leaves, green beans, and green peas as the main ingredients along with spices, coconut, onion, and tomato.

Multigrain Porridge

Healthy and delicious Indian porridge made with multigrain flour, water and yogurt.

Millets Bisi Bele Bath

Scrumptious and healthy one-pot meal made with little millets, lentils, vegetables and spices.

Vegetable Dum Biryani

Flavorful dum biryani made with basmati rice, marinated vegetables, spices and herbs.

Green Masala Chicken Pulao

A one-pot chicken rice meal with marinated chicken, basmati rice, freshly-ground masala paste, onion, tomato, spices and herbs.

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