Toor Dal

An Indian staple – lentils boiled with salt and turmeric until soft and tempered with spices.

Squid Pepper Fry

Delicious squid appetizer made with freshly ground whole spices.

Heerekayi Bajji

Famous karnataka snack – Ridge gourd dipped in a gram flour batter and deep-fried in oil.

Dal Palak

Delightful, protein-rich dish made with Lentils and spinach, perfect to eat with steamed rice.

Mutton Keema Fry

Made with minced goat meat, and spices this easy recipe is perfect to eat with chapati or dosa.

Mutton Keema Curry

Delicious stew/curry made from minced goat meatballs and regular goat meat.

Molake Hurali kalu Saaru

Karnataka Speciality dish made using sprouted horse gram, potatoes, brinjal, coconut and spices.

Vegetable Pulao

A delightful one-pot rice meal made using lots of veggies, whole spices, herbs, and freshly prepared pulao masala.

Shrimp Ghee Roast

Scrumptious shrimp appetizer made in ghee and freshly ground spices.

Tomato Curry

A simple yet delicious curry containing onions, tomatoes, and powdered spices.

Rajma Masala

A tasty curry prepared with red kidney beans or rajma, this curry is a healthy option to savor with rice, tastes more good with a dollop of ghee!

Panner Butter Masala

Supremely delicious, mildly-spiced paneer curry cooked in an onion-tomato base with lots of butter and tastes heavenly with rotis, naan, or chapati.

Ragi Rotti

Tasty and healthy roti made with ragi or finger millet flour.