Majjige Huli

A flavorful stew made using ash gourd, cooked in a coconut-buttermilk base. Tastes best with steamed rice.

Molake Hurali kalu Saaru

Karnataka Speciality dish made using sprouted horse gram, potatoes, brinjal, coconut and spices.

Vegetable Pulao

A delightful one-pot rice meal made using lots of veggies, whole spices, herbs, and freshly prepared pulao masala.

Pepper Rasam

A no-lentil, easy-peazy, aromatic and flavorful Indian soup – Pepper Rasam.

Green Gram Curry

Healthy and delectable lentil curry for rotis and plain steamed rice.

Dill Paddu

Yummy dill dumplings made using fermented rice and urad dal batter, that is seasoned with onions, spices, herbs.

Palak Paneer

A healthy and delicious side dish made using paneer, spinach and spices.

Mutton Pepper Curry

A spicy, mouth-watering curry made using mutton, and freshly ground masala powder.

Gojju Avalakki

Tangy, sweet, and spicy breakfast dish made using flattened rice or avalakki.

Hesarukalu Bassaru

Hesarukalu bassaru is a delicious stew made from the stock of cooked hesarukalu (green gram).

Besan Laddu

Melt-in-mouth laddu made from gram flour, sugar, cardamom and ghee.

Thondekayi Fry

Simple and easy vegetable stir fry using Ivy gourd. Perfect to eat with chapatis or alongside rice-dal.

Avarekalu Huli

A simple, Karnataka special huli/ curry made using avarekalu. You do not want to miss giving this one a try!