Welcome to Swaadista!

I am an Indian (born and brought up in Karnataka), currently living in the USA with my husband. Before marriage, though I enjoyed cooking whenever I did I have hardly got a chance or rather have taken very few chances to cook.

However once I got married and moved to the USA, I started cooking regularly. Now I enjoy cooking (Mostly Indian Cuisine) and love to try out new recipes. I take inspiration from various cooking blogs, videos, and most turn to my mother and mother-in-law to learn recipes they have been cooking for several years and try them out, sometimes tweaking according to mine & my husband’s taste and ingredient’s availability. Also, my husband is a good cook and he teaches me in his free time.

As an amateur cook, I learn every day. In my free time, I put down some of those recipes that are cooked multiple times and tasted great through my blog ‘Swaadista‘ meaning flavourful/ palatable.

To all of us who love to learn, cook and eat – Happy cooking and happy eating!♥