Indian living in USA. Nature Lover. Food Lover. Passionate Cook.

Hey, I am Gayana! My blog is about traditional Indian food recipes that involve simple cooking steps and notes.

Being a south Indian I love eating spicy, flavorful food and enjoy cooking it too. But since I was working and lived with my parents in India my mum did most of the cooking and I got to hardly cook. However once I got married and moved to the USA, I started cooking regularly. Me & my husband love home-cooked food so I keep trying different recipes at home taking inspiration from various cooking blogs, cooking videos, and mostly turn to my mother and mother-in-law to learn Indian authentic recipes that they have been cooking for decades.

Cooking each meal at home everyday can be such a chore sometimes, right? Especially for working people. But the satisfaction and fulfillment a simple home-cooked meal gives is unbeatable. I believe in cooking each meal at home everyday because it’s healthier and is also good stress reliever for me. Also, the joy of making a meal and eating is something I do not want to give up 🙂

In my free time, I put down some of my tried and tested recipes here on my blog ‘Swaadista‘ meaning flavourful/ palatable in Kannada language. So if you are looking for simple, everyday Indian food recipes you are in the right place 🙂 Please do subscribe to my blog to get updates when I post new recipes. And if you are an Instagrammer like me we should definitely connect @swaadista.

To all of us who love to learn, cook and eat – Happy cooking and happy eating!♥