Majjige Huli with Asparagus

Majjige Huli with Asparagus

Majjige Huli is a side dish made with buttermilk or thick-whisked yogurt, coconut, and vegetables, tempered with spices. Generally, the vegetables used in this are water-based veggies like ash gourd or sambar cucumber. But veggies like okra and tindora also go very well with buttermilk.

This particular recipe is a very simple one (without coconut or much masala) that I often make for our dinners either with ash gourd or okra. It’s light and so refreshing, especially during warmer temperatures. This is the first time I used asparagus in this recipe and I was surprised and glad that it turned out delicious.

I hope you try this quick and simple under-30-minute recipe.


15-20 asparagus, rinsed and cut into 1-inch lengths
3 tbsp cooking oil
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
2-3 dried red chilies
1/4 tsp grated ginger
A few Curry leaves
A Pinch of turmeric powder
2 cups of plain yogurt, whisked (you could add 1/2 cup of water while whisking if you prefer a slightly thin consistency)
Salt to taste


Heat oil in a cooking pot on medium heat. Add mustard and cumin seeds, and allow them to pop and sizzle. Add curry leaves, break, and add dried red chilies, followed by grated ginger.

Transfer cut pieces of asparagus into the cooking pot, add salt and turmeric powder, sauté, cover, and cook on low-medium heat for 4-5 minutes or until asparagus tender. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool for a couple of minutes.

Pour the whisked yogurt into the pot and stir to combine. Serve with warm white rice with a side of pickles or dry vegetable curry. Enjoy!

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Happy cooking, happy eating!

You can find the recipe video below:

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